Your online portal of Yoga and Pilates videos, breathing and relaxation audios and downloadable exercise plans

What is Red Sky all about?

Red Sky was created with the vision that everybody could access Yoga, Pilates and Holistic Therapies without judgement, prejudice or fear of the unknown. Red Sky is available to all ages and abilities with the aim of creating a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for you to work at your best.

About Me

My name is Sophie Richardson and I am a Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Holistic Therapist. I am also a practical assessor for the British School of Yoga and provide teacher training days from my Yoga studios in Manchester.

What can Red Sky Fitness and Wellbeing offer me?

Red Sky Fitness and Wellbeing offers a comprehensive library of online classes and audio files ranging from Yoga and Pilates, Pre and Postnatal Pregnancy, relaxations and mediations. Clients have the choice of monthly memberships or access to single files so you can fit in your fix from wherever you are whenever you like.

“The yoga workshops are brilliant, I can really deepen my Yoga practice but learn a lot that isn’t covered in my weekly class”